Belgium – Sphinx Cinema (Ghent)

Belgium – Sphinx Cinema (Ghent)

Sphinx cinema is located in the historical centre of Ghent. There has been a cinema at this venue for more than 100 years. Ghent is a university city but attracts many tourists as well, due to its medieval heritage.

The cinema has 5 screens ranging from 50 to 240 seats. Situated in the middle of town it attracts citizens, students, tourists… the location between the many historical churches is quite impressive. Next to the cinema there is also the Sphinx café which is an important asset for our visitors as well as for the organization of many events linked to cinema such as receptions, parties, debates, concerts, etc.

In addition to the regular film program (which emphasizes on quality European films, high-quality Flemish films, films by young filmmakers, etc.) we are also known as a low-threshold house of trust that offers numerous events and keeps the door open for several collaborations with organizers and partners. In this way we have become a meeting point and a house that offers opportunities to filmmakers, organizers and a diverse audience. There are festivals all year round and every week we organize special screenings, often with guests. For this we cooperate with a large number of local and long distance partners or organizers. It involves organizations of all kind but especially the local film industry finds its way to Sphinx. This concerns film educators, young and established filmmakers, small and well known film producers, directors of documentaries and short films, film press etc.

By giving young filmmakers a chance to show their works in our cinema we have not only become a house of trust but they help us in attracting a very diverse young audience and becoming a meeting point for the local film industry as well as the local cultural scene.

Find out more about Sphinx Cinema’ Ambassadors :

Bo Alfaro Decreton in 2020.

Ben de Smet in 2018.