Finland – Kino Iiris (Lahti)

Kino Iiris is a small movie theater in the center of Lahti, founded in 1987. Kino Iiris maintains a film culture in Lahti by offering movies from as many countries as possible and from all eras. Kino Iiris is fully digitalized, but still has a 16mm and 35mm projectors and regularly screens classic movies in collaboration with The National Audiovisual Institute.

The repertory is based strongly on European films, we co-operate with several friendship societies in Finland and abroad, organizing film series. An important part of the repertory is also local films. Kino Iiris aims to help local filmmakers, professionals and enthusiasts by offering them the opportunity to show their own movies to the public. Kino Iiris has also arranged annually its own film festival Kinos, which features amateur short films side by side with professional ones.

Each year we organize a classical movie series for teenagers and young adults that allows under 25-year-old to watch 10 classic movies for free. In addition, we screen numerous film shows for kindergartens and high school students.

All kinds of companies, associations and individuals can easily organize a private show at Kino Iiris. Kino Iiris has been networking very extensively and it strives to make all the wishes of the audience come true. Members are provided with their own shows and events aimed at creating a sense of community and bringing cinephiles together.

Find out more about Kino Iiris’ Ambassador in 2023 here:

Elsa Kallio in 2021

Iisa Arvelin in 2020

Rosa Id in 2019

Santeri Laasanen in 2018