Malta – Eden Cinemas (St. Julian’s)

The Eden Cinemas Megaplex in St Julian’s comprises 13 full air conditioned screens and offers viewers a total of 3,100 luxury seats. The Eden Cinemas strives to provide audiences with the best cinema experience possible. For this reason, the screens boast the finest in digital sound systems with all screens having the latest projection and digital technology, including the only T.H.X approved sound system on the island.

Malta is a small market when compared to other European markets. The island, however, still boasts 4 cinema companies and hence competition is cutthroat. Apart from blockbusters and other mainstream films, Eden Cinemas screens numerous ‘smaller’ and foreign films and therefore is able to tap into different markets for movie lovers.

At Eden Cinemas, we are always on the lookout to offer alternative content for our viewers and in this regard, we also hold numerous surveys to discover what movie lovers would like to see at our cinemas. This does not only stop at content, but also the whole cinema experience in general.

Young audiences are especially important to us and we are always looking to reach out to them. We have a ‘Cinemum’ campaign aimed at mothers and young children; anime movies (which is very niche and only available at our cinemas), concerts and other documentaries which are exclusive to us.

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Joseph Paolella in 2018