Saturday 25th March 2023 Marijana Bosniak kicks off session 7 on the last day of the Sofia Lab, […]

Friday 24th March 2023 What better way to start the day than visiting a cinema? Europa Cinemas’ Alexandre […]

Thursday 23rd March 2023 Javi Pachón kicks off the 2nd day of the Innovation Lab with saying that […]

Wednesday 22nd March 2023 Another edition of the The Sofia Lab kicked off today! 30 cinema exhibitors from […]

After two full days of insightful panels and presentations, the 22nd Europa Cinemas network conference drew to a […]

Aurélie Pinto, Cinema Sociologist, University Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle gave the keynote address, highlighting concerns shared by distributors […]

Looking at the future of cinema and the whole value chain, Michael Gubbins asked the panel how we […]

In today’s busy attention economy, standing out from the crowd is important. Frank Groot, from Kino Rotterdam, opened […]

In an introduction from Europa Cinemas board members Metka Dariš & Mathias Holtz, two new Europa Cinemas charters, […]

Day 2 of the conference began with two simultaneous workshops. Moderated by Frank Groot from Kino Rotterdam, the […]