Spain – Zumzeig (Barcelona)

Zumzeig Cinecooperativa is a non-profit and cultural venue located in Barcelona and created in 2016. Zumzeig screens independent movies in original version but also offers artistic, social and community initiatives. With more than three-hundred active members, the users and friends of the cinema can join the different commissions in order to be able to be part of its day-to-day life. This is one of the traits that stands out our cinema from other places in Barcelona. Our ambassador, Alba Villarmea, is one of these members and is highly involved with Zumzeig’s different activities.

We like to think of cinema and culture as transformative tools. That’s why our purpose is to gather as many and diverse audiences as possible in our cinema, not only with movies but also with other interdisciplinary activities like dance, theater, literature, music or video art. Zumzeig also wants to break the barrier between the audience and the screen hosting special events such as meetings with filmmakers, round tables, discussions and concerts…

This last year, alongside our programming and other interdisciplinary activities, Zumzeig not only has been a venue for festivals like D’A Film Festival, but also has hosted its own festival for two years in a row. Coop d’Ull Festival is entirely created by the users of the cinema. Its last edition celebrated the 50th anniversary of the May 1968 events in France with activities and films about feminism, postcolonialism, nonviolent resistance or gender identities both in the cinema and the bistro.

Find out more about Cinema Zumzeig’s Ambassadors here:

Pau Vall Capdet in 2019

Alba Millarmea Sancho in 2018