Greece – Mikrokosmos (Athens)

MIKROKOSMOS opened its doors in October 2004 in order to establish a new alternative art-house cinema in the center of Athens.

The building was built specifically to become a cinema from 1956, but when we moved in, it was a theatre that was closed for many years. We demolished it and built a new one to create a cinema where we could host not only carefully chosen films with the best conditions of image and sound, but also festivals, art exhibitions, parties with DJs, seminars and all kinds of artistic expressions.

Mikrokosmos is also the place where new directors have the chance to showcase their films and connect with a wider audience. We  believe in the importance of building new audiences, that’s why we always welcome young people. In 2017 we launched the initiative “818 School Film Festival ” with free and special prices screenings, as we want to offer a really good european cinema experience to young audiences without money being a problem.

From 2006 we started distributing art-house films ourselves, handling all rights for Greece and Cyprus. The economic crisis has forced us to curb much of our projects, but despite the situation, we try to adapt to the circumstances in order to maintain a close relationship with our audience.

Find out more about  Mikrokosmos’ 2023 Ambassador here:

Sofia Agalioti in 2022

Ioannis Giannetakis in 2021

Nikoletta Vaxevani in 2019

Dimosthenis Kontes in 2018

Konstantinos Kardakaris in 2017