Bulgaria – Dom na Kinoto (Sofia)

For many years, The Cinema House has been the most important centre for culture and cinema for both professionals and true film buffs in Bulgaria. Its hall has screened the best of world cinema as well as retrospectives, week-long marathons of foreign cinematography, seminars, festivals, educational and entertainment thematic programmes, exhibitions and presentations.
Audience is our focus and we are trying to develop it through different initiatives.

The Cinema House is part of the Europa Cinemas network. It is also one of the main venues for about ten film festivals annually organized in Sofia. The biggest of them are Sofia International Film Festival, Cinemania, Cinelibri, So Independent Film Festival, Northern Light Film Festival etc.

Amongst the current projects of the Cinema House is ‘Sofia International Film Festival for Students’ (which started in the autumn of 2009). Free screenings every week which are moderated by film professionals and give audience the chance to meet some of the directors, actors and other members from the creative teams. The Cinema House is also welcoming EFA Young Audience Award and many activities targeting niche audiences.

The Cinema House’s key purpose is to develop a film community. We have 1 hall with 300 seats. A welcoming café bar and great spirit. Our cinema is situated in the authentic central part of Sofia just next to the hot mineral waters spring.

If you are passing by just come and visit us!

Find out more about Dom na Kinoto’s Ambassadors here:

Georgi Georgiev in 2022.

Zhana Kalinova in 2021.

Chris Zahariev in 2020.

Mladen Pechevski in 2019.

Yassen Atanassov in 2018.

Phillippe Morozov in 2017.