The three screening rooms of Aventure cinema reopened in 2010 in the centre of Brussels and have been […]

Cinema for me is… Evelien in 23 Frames 1. Describe yourself in ten words. An independent, headstrong, greenish […]

Sphinx cinema is located in the historical centre of Ghent. There has been a cinema at this venue […]

Cinema for me is… Begium – Ben De Smet from Europa Cinemas on Vimeo. Ben in 23 Frames […]

The “Les Grignoux” cultural center is a social economy company in Wallonia (Belgium) which manages four cinema complexes […]

In two different cities and across seven screens, Lumière wants to provide esteemed films for esteemed visitors in […]

Cinema for me is… Belgium – Tamar Cachet from Europa Cinemas on Vimeo. Tamar in 25 frames 1. […]