Belgium – Cinema Aventure (Brussels)

Aventure, Belgium

The three screening rooms of Aventure cinema reopened in 2010 in the centre of Brussels and have been offering since alternative cinema reflecting social realities, and a programming largely off the beaten track. Cinema Aventure is known in Belgium as the cinema for documentaries and as a welcoming place, where you can always count on a friendly, smiling and passionate staff to share, discuss and be pampered.

Our objective is to offer to our very diverse audience Belgian, European and international films of great quality, refined and original – without neglecting the more classical films that are also expected.

Our philosophy is to consider the cinema as an interactive and engaging space, a tool for cinema-goers as well as associations and socio-cultural players that gravitate around it. Therefore, every single day of the year, you will find an event in our programme: film club, festival, film debate, film concert, retrospective, short film programme, mastercall, première screening,…

You want to see a film on the big screen? Call the Aventure!

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