Italy – Anteo Palazzo del Cinema (Milan)

It - Anteo It - Anteo

Anteo lucky adventure starts in 1979 when three friends, took over a third vision arthouse local in the center of Milan, turning it, in few years, in a first-run cinema, introducing Italian audiences to authors such as Wenders, Fassbinder and Herzog.
To meet the needs of a growing public and allow a broader proposal of titles, Anteo gets wider with three (and then four) screening rooms, a book shop, a restaurant and an exhibition space.

In 2017, the cinema had its last transformation into Anteo Palazzo del Cinema with 10 screens and new services: a cinema restaurant room to allow audiences to attend the screening having dinner or drinking an aperitif, an on-demand screening room, a library and a nursery space.

The urgency of  this intervention arose from the willingness to offer to Milan citizens not just a cinema, but an international scope space, a place where people could meet and share their passions and ideas, a multicultural and multidisciplinary space.

To develop this concept of movie theater, Anteo cooperates with other artistic realities in Milan: Fine Arts Academies, film school and theaters, organizing festivals and cultural events in its space.

Lastly, Anteo has been working for 30 years in building cinema programming for young audience and educational activities in order to educate and develop the audiences of the future.

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