Czech Republic – Kino Aero (Prague)

Czech Republic - Kino Aero (Prague) Czech Republic - Kino Aero (Prague)

Built in 1933, in the courtyard of a residential house in a purely functionalist style, Cinema Aero is one of the oldest art-house cinemas in Prague. In the 1990s, Kino Aero became a legendary film club that screened mostly art and classic film retrospectives. Now, it is a strong single screen cinema, where you can discover a selection of current film premieres and specialized film festivals.

The most popular festival is The Shockproof Film Festival. Each year, it presents a fine selection of the most impressive, ludicrous, overlooked and bizarre films from horror, extreme, action, gore, camp, B-, C- and even X-rated movie genres. This festival brings cinema back to its original form of an attraction and an unforgettable collective experience.

Kino Aero is consciously focused on our own home-brewed events: mini-festivals of legendary film directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Jim Jarmusch or actors like Jean-Paul Belmondo screen alongside more popular ones. This proves that classic films are an excellent way to target young viewers, who have not previously had the opportunity to see these works of art on the big screen.

Aero also develops cinema projects concerning non-film material, which draws new audiences to our venue. Live theatre is becoming more and more popular. Our visitors can also attend travel talks, which gather an increasingly large number of followers.

We have a long-standing record of working with young audiences. Our goal is not only to expand the numbers of our viewers, but also to generalize their cinematographic awareness. In our fully furnished Aero School film-animation studio, we offer courses for people interested in making films – not only for children, whom we focus on, but also for the elderly. In addition to this we have a project called “Sense the Cinema”, which offers children a tour of the cinema premises – they visit the box office, backstage, foyer and projection room. The tour is capped off by a screening attended by the whole group, providing a full and collective cinema experience.

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