Portugal – Cinema Trindade (Porto)

Portugal - Trindade (Porto) Portugal - Trindade (Porto)

Cinema Trindade is a historical cinema of the city of Porto. It was inaugurated in 1913 as Salão Jardim da Trindade. It included a movie theater, a ballroom, a café, billiards and a terrace. Its success led to a remodeling in 1957, originating Cinema Trindade.

With the 7th art crisis of the 70’s and 80’s, this space was again intervened in the early 90’s, being transformed into a bingo hall and two smaller movie theaters. However, this project did not survive the decline of the historical zone of Porto and closed in 2000.

Américo Santos, founder of Nitrato Filmes is the current responsible for programming and it was him who decided to re-open for the 4th time this cinema to the public on February 2017, with 2 screens (168 and 178 seats). This project emerged at a time of great effervescence of Porto cultural life, fulfilling a demand from the whole community.

The recent transformation of cultural habits in downtown has provided a constant activity in the most diverse cultural areas, creating a high expectation towards the appearance of an Art House cinema. We believe that our exhibition model can provoke a catalyzing effect in the audience while having the challenging task of attracting a younger crowd that mostly attend film festivals and events.

The exhibition in Portugal is going through a moment that demands innovation and creativity. For this reason, we outlined a policy of action focused on the singularity of films. Cinema Trindade focuses on the particularity rather than the standardized view, with the aim of valuing, together with the spectator, the uniqueness of each film.

In short, this project is based on a display model that enhances a type of exhibition similar to the festival’s screenings, which has revealed great results in Portugal.

In this context, we intend to place Cinema Trindade in Porto as a space that suits the audience expectations and plays a key role in the revival of cinema in downtown Porto.

Therefore, we think we are now capable to acknowledge Cinema Trindade as an anchor space of art cinema in Porto while offering a plural programming and still being unique.


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