Portugal – Cinema Trindade (Porto)

Portugal - Trindade (Porto) Portugal - Trindade (Porto)

Coming together in 2021 and beyond:

As we try to move past this pandemic and troubled times for culture all around the world, we believe cinemas are more important than ever. We are at a crossroads with audiences: while some people genuinely missed the experience of coming together at the movies and revisiting a place they know all too well, others seem ready to completely embrace home entertainment and streaming platforms.

At Cinema Trindade we will continue to do what we have done for the past four years: to create, every week, a careful and dynamic programme of award-winning films from all around the world, directed and starred by veteran and emerging voices in the cinema cosmos; while at the same time planning special sessions with the presence of national and international directors, thematic film cycles and occasional giveaways and competitions.

We believe in knowing our audience, listening to them, and letting them know us: we are a small, neighbourhood cinema, our motto being “cinema, aqui ao lado” (“cinema, right next door”). Cinema Trindade holds the heritage of the past but keeps an eye in the future: it is a landmark venue in the Downtown of Porto and part of the city’s history, with more than 100 years of existence, but equipped with the best technology to provide a great viewing experience and a strong presence on social media.
So far the return has been great and filled with joy; now, as the old film serials would announce to the audience: to be continued…

A small historical background:

Cinema Trindade is an historical cinema of the city of Porto. It was inaugurated in 1913 as “Salão Jardim da Trindade”. It included screening room with around 1200 seats, a ballroom, a café, billiards and a terrace. The first big intervention in the venue only happened more than forty years later, in 1957, when it became obvious that the space needed to be updated to the new demands and aesthetics of the time, thus originating “Cinema Trindade”. Following a difficult time for Portuguese cinemas during the 1970’s and 80’s, the space was again intervened in the early 1990’s: the large cinema became a Bingo hall and two smaller screening rooms. However, this project did not survive the decline of the historical zone of Porto and rise of cinema multiplexes and closed its doors in 2000.

Américo Santos, founder of Nitrato Filmes, is the current responsible for programming and it was him who decided to re-open this cinema to the public on February 2017, with two screening rooms (168 and 178 seats). The project emerged at a time of great effervescence in the city’s cultural life, fulfilling a demand from the whole community.


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