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Established in 1911, Filmcasino is among the oldest cinemas in Vienna. After some breaks and refurbishments it found its signature 50s-look that makes it a beautiful venue to enjoy the magic of film. The attached Polyfilm distribution company was founded in 1987, distributing about 40 movies in Austria and southern Tyrol every year. Our catalogue shows a great variety of national and international arthouse productions as well as documentaries.

The screening room fits a bit more than 250 people, leaving enough space for up to 6 daily screenings including movie premieres, special programs and of course film festivals for a variety of interests such as the /slash Filmfestival, CineLatino, Identities Queer Film Festival and several short film festivals. Almost all screenings are original versions with subtitles. In order to improve the diversity, trying to meet the tastes of the audience as well as helping lesser known films find their audience, we try new film series and specials several times a year for every age and interest.

For instance, we have a monthly film series for senior citizens, including film screenings and late night shows. The Filmwunder series, give children and their parents the opportunity to watch classic kids movies on the big screen. Some of the kids get chosen to “help” at the box office or in the projection room giving them a chance to look behind the magic of cinema. Furthermore, exclusive screenings of new productions that couldn’t get distribution catch the interest of the young adults. Finally, some of the best attended screenings are music documentaries and classics (from 35mm film prints whenever possible) giving the audience the chance to (re)experience classic films in a 50s cinema setting.

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Lea Rizzi Ladinser in 2019

Marietta Trendl in 2017