Spain – Renoir (Madrid)

Spain - Renoir (Madrid) Spain - Renoir (Madrid)

Renoir cinemas started the adventure of showing art-house films in original version with subtitles in 1986. In Spain this is not at all common as films are normally dubbed in most of the cinemas and therefore we are now a reference for film lovers in Madrid and Barcelona.
We have 3 cinemas in Madrid (Renoir Plaza España, Renoir Retiro and Cines Princesa) and 1 cinema in Barcelona (Renoir Floridablanca) where we show a selection of new release films in original language that are likely to appeal to a more art house audience.

In the selection of films that we show we give a great importance to European and Spanish films.
We always have in mind the cinematic experience of the cinema lovers and this is why we are constantly checking the opinions of our viewers in every possible way. This approach has led us to do many changes based on the opinions and suggestion of the members of our Club Renoir, a membership program active since 2007 and constantly growing.

We are especially proud of our new strand which started in 2019, called “La Conversación”, once every month we show a premiere of an European film for the members of Club Renoir (our loyalty card), in this screening we invite a special guest related to the topic of the film which is interviewed by our host, the film journalist Begoña Piña. We film this interviews and share them in our Youtube Channel. We also have a summer program which is composed of the best films of the year at a low price. It has been 5 years now from its implementation and it is always a great success with full house in many screenings.

Young audiences are very important for our future, in 2019 we created a new programme called “Aula Renoir”, adding value to the screenings offered to the schools giving them film guides and exercises to work with the movies in the classroom before and after watching the film in the cinema. We also share our expertise giving career guidance in the film industry.

For Renoir’s 30th anniversary in the year 2016 we organised a short story contest related to cinema, after the success of the contest we have now the jury reading the stories of the fifth edition. We create a book every year with the best short stories and we give it for free in our cinemas.

Octavio Alzola

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