Austria – KIZ RoyalKino (Graz)

Founded 1973 KIZ RoyalKino is a powerful independent arthouse cinema in the city of Graz. Our cinema stands for diversity, high quality, ambitious selection of films, a dedicated face-to-face contact with the audience and a lively film culture. We are developing our role as a meeting point.
Digital projection and sound quality are state-of-the-art. With 3 screens, 540 seats, air conditioning, we present more than 4.200 screenings a year and 200 films in their original subtitled versions. Our programming covers documentaries, world cinema, Oscar winners and classics which grants broad access to film history. The cinematographic works are accompanied by qualified texts.
We host more than 50 presentations/premiers a year with lectures and debates. This enables us to establish contacts and further cooperation with our audience.
We are working together extensively with local and international partners like theatres, museums and NGOs focusing on film education for young audience. For example the annual “International Children Filmfestival” and “CINEFETE”.
Besides regular screenings for children, we host school screenings and the “KIZ School Intro”, a workshop that can be adapted to the age and school level of the children.
We regularly use up to date electronic and social media and we are member of different networks. Our distribution company (ABC-Films) is specialized on classics and selected arthouse films.

Barbara Brunner, Young Audience Manager


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