Poland – Kino Pod Baranami (Krakow)

Kino Pod Baranami is situated in a very unique location – renaissance Pod Baranami palace in the heart of Krakow – in the Main Market Square. It consists of three rooms, Red, Blue and White – which refer to Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Trilogy. The fourth room in a different location (Małopolska Garden of Arts) completes this art house. The cinema’s mission is to promote the idea of cinema-going and film culture among people of all ages and all interests. What makes our programming innovative (awarded by Europa Cinemas in 2009) is first of all its diversity. In our programme one may find both total niche films as well as more commercial, but still ambitious, productions which we know our viewers want to see. Moreover, we are open to suggestions from the audience and our staff. We believe that cinema is more than film – there are often meetings, debates or concerts happening along with the screenings. We are very proud of developing our audience by trying to reach all age groups, from 0 to 100 years old. One of our most successful initiatives are: weekly Students’ Night Film Club, annual Silent Film Festival and Kinobranie – Summer Film Festival (with over 100 films during themed summer weeks). In March 2020 we started our own VOD platform (e-kinopodbaranami.pl). The atmosphere, location, programming, the number of events organised nearly every day, the combination of modernity and tradition – those are the reasons why many of our viewers call Kino Pod Baranami their second home.

Marynia Gierat, Director

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Aleksandra Jodłowska in 2020.

Natalia Ryba in 2019

Kamil Klamut in 2016