Slovenia – Kinodvor (Ljubljana)

Slovenia - Kinodvor (Ljubljana) Slovenia - Kinodvor (Ljubljana)

Kinodvor, founded by the Municipality of Ljubljana, is a public institution whose main aim is to screen a diverse selection of quality films. Its mission is to promote film culture, starting with film education of young audiences, and to meet the needs of more demanding cinephiles. Kinodvor’s vision is to continue positioning itself as the central city cinema and as a lively festival and social hub – “a meeting point”.

Quality and diversity remain the cornerstones of Kinodvor’s ethos, while the limitations of a single screen remain our primary challenge. In response to spatial restrictions that impact programme availability, Kinodvor extends its programme content beyond its central venue through our mobile cinema activities. These open-air events and screenings at a variety of locations have made cinema a part of the landscape, bringing film culture to a wider audience. Besides regular programme, diverse events and international film festivals are taking place in Kinodvor.

Our film education programme Kinobalon, which has received the “Best Young Audience Activities” Award from Europa Cinema in 2010, is intended for our youngest viewers, their families and schools. However, as they grow with us over years of activities, the need has emerged to develop a new project intended especially for the teenage audience. For this reason, we founded a new film club which provides a space for the next generation of film-lovers to take charge of our screens and curate a unique film festival: Kinotrip International Film Festival. Kinotrip, therefore, is not only a project for youth but also a project by youth.

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Ana Marija Hauko in 2022.

Lev Slivnik in 2021

Gregor Rihtaršič in 2019

Luka Benedičič in 2018

Karla Pelko in 2017