Croatia – Kino Urania (Osijek)

Croatia - Kino Urania

As a private owned film screening company, with 100 years of tradition, our general mission is to ensure innovative and diverse film programming, in an area where there are few alternatives mostly oriented to the mainstream.

The concept of audience development has redefined and related us to the applicable aspects of marketing and education. Our work consists in keeping the existing audience providing value added programs to develop knowledge and better understanding of films. We defend the principles of cultural diversity and social inclusion and therefore through our programmes we try to bring to the venue different publics.

This is why in our programme policy we cooperate with schools, institutions and NGOs at all levels, in order to provide a positive and rewarding film education that ensures independent film culture for younger audiences and further develops the interest for film in other audiences.
The thematic programming (pop-rock concerts, festivals, tourism routes, gastronomy etc.) and projects we create, are all aimed to start a conversation with our audiences.

Marijana Bosnjak, Director

Find out more about Kino Urania’s 2023 Ambassador here.

Iva Martinović in 2022

David Gašo in 2019

Matej Sudarić in 2016