Italy – Cinema Stensen (Florence)

From September 2015 to June 2016 Cinema Stensen in Florence has seen the most successful year in its history, with 50.000 tickets sold. This great result was made possible by the dedication of our young staff to select innovative quality films, as well as by the conclusion of the second step of our renovation project with the opening of the new cafeteria & bookshop’s space. After more than 40 years of non-commercial activity, in 2012 the cinema branch of the Niels Stensen Cultural Foundation faced the big change of the theatre’s digitalization creating a new offer for the Florentine audience. Our structure, which will be soon fully renovated with new seats, is a one screen theatre hosting first run films in multiprogramming, with a daily timetable, plus a well known History of Cinema course on Monday evening, and conferences on Saturday afternoon. Our rich cultural offer is a combination of different art forms (cinema, lectures, music and arts) and coordinated by the same communication team.
Since several years Cinema Stensen has been working with schools for young audience projects, with parents associations for specific programmes for family and even with the local jailhouse to propose social projects for detainees. Our strong city network consists of a years-long collaboration with the psychoanalytic society of Florence, many sport and leisure associations and some of the most interesting film festivals in town. In addition, from 2016 Cinema Stensen hosts the Young Audience Award of the European Film Academy. We still use a weekly printed programmes for our loyal audience, but our communication is constantly designed also for multiple online channels in collaboration with our internal press office.
Our green seats, shocking pink neon sign at the entrance, and the screening of the Europa Cinemas trailer before every film are our trademarks for all city of Florence!

Michele Crocchiola

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