Art-kino is located in the very centre of Rijeka, in the venue where the first film screening took […]

Cinema Elvire Popesco is the venue of the Institut Français in Romania and a member of the Europa […]

The original building was designed in the late 50s and finished in 1965, considered as one the finest […]

Kinodvor, founded by the Municipality of Ljubljana, is a public institution whose main aim is to screen a […]

Kino Film Europe is located in the historical Pistori Palace in Bratislava. The palace built during the 19th […]

Slieker Film is the one and only arthouse cinema in Leeuwarden, located right in the heart of the […]

We are very proud and happy to announce that one of Area Metropolis 2.0’s regular moviegoers, Tommaso Santambrogio, […]

The Irish Film Institute is Ireland’s national cultural institution for film. Founded in 1943 as the National Film […]

Filmhouse Edinburgh has always been more than a cinema; it’s both a symbol and a celebration of the […]

Cinema LUX is an association which celebrated its 56th anniversary earlier this year. Boasting 140 members, it is […]