Croatia – Art-Kino (Rijeka)

Art-Kino is located in the very centre of Rijeka, in the hall where the first film screening took place in 1928. After a period when all municipal cinemas were closed and screenings were organized only at multiplex cinemas, the City of Rijeka embarked upon an initiative to bring film back to the city centre.

Art-kino Croatia opened in December 2008 as a space for showing relevant films from domestic and European productions. It operates as a public arthouse cinema and cultural institution that shows valuable works, educates on film culture and promotes quality cinema within the local community and the wider region. A smaller hall – Mini Art-kino – was recently opened and is an excellent space for workshops, exhibitions and mediation programmes. A specialized film library was also opened and is a unique place in Croatia that holds many books and audio-visual materials.

From the very beginning, Art-kino has organized an educational programme titled School at the Cinema, focusing on the development of film culture with children and youth. To build a younger audience we are developing innovative programmes like monthly programme Cult Cinema (Fight Club, Taxi Driver…), screenings in unusual locations and auteur films once a week (eg. Wednesdays with Trier). Art-kino pays attention to diversity and quality of programmes.
A growing audience, positive reactions to films and educational programmes are indicators showing that interest and love for film are growing in Rijeka.

Find out who’s Art-Kino Ambassador here.


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