Portugal – Cinema City Alvalade (Lisbon)

Portugal - Cinema City Alvalade (Lisbon) Portugal - Cinema City Alvalade (Lisbon)

Following the closing of Alvalade’s old cinema, a church emerged in its place for a few years, until 2009, when Cinema City Alvalade was finally opened.

It’s located in a very typical Lisbon neighborhood, marking the difference for its coziness with only 4 auditorium, 381 seats, and a café with a very special wall painted by Estrela Faria which was preserved from the old cinema and transferred onto the actual Cinema City Alvalade.

This movie theater is best known for its movie choices, as the selection is more underground, alternative and more devoted to auteur movies, but we also show blockbusters so we can entertain any taste or age. It also hosts a lot of film festivals, like Monstra and Ciclo de Cinema Israelita.

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