Romania – Cinéma Elvire Popesco (Bucharest)

Romania - Elvire Popesco (Bucharest) Romania - Elvire Popesco (Bucharest)

Cinéma Elvire Popesco is the venue of the Institut Français in Romania and a member of the Europa Cinemas network; it aims to be a committed cinema in all ways possible: an art house cinema showing European and auteur cinema, while keeping slots for young audience screenings in the mornings and consciously supporting the film industry in Romania. This policy identifies our Cinema as a cultural venue; where the titles are being selected carefully. And where festivals can trust that we help them getting a programming niche for an audience.

Besides having a printed brochure every second week that promotes our programming, we try to be consequent in our choices and schedule. Our aim is to build an audience that is based on groups and “subscribers”, who return to the cinema regularly.

Families know that there is something screened for them every morning over the weekend. Movie buffs know that we feature up to 5-6 titles every week, each of them kept on the screen for a couple of weeks, so they can return several times over the same week and still discover something new. 5-tickets booklets assure an affordable pricing for somebody who frequently goes to the cinema or for groups of friends who like to watch movies together.
We make sure to host professional conferences and help Romanian filmmakers with their test screenings, so that they like to return and meet the audience at Elvire Popesco. Local productions are always shown with English and / or French subtitles, this way the expats living in Bucharest have the opportunity to discover Romanian cinema.

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Maria Salomia in 2019

Anastasia Gavrilovici in 2018

Claudia Sirbulescu in 2017