Czech Republic – Kino Scala (Brno)

Czech Republic – Kino Scala (Brno)

Scala Cinema was founded in 1929 and is situated in the historic Brno city centre. It is a cinema with almost a century-long tradition. Since its beginnings, it has been the cinema with the largest projection screen and auditorium in the city of Brno. The capacity is no longer 800 seats, as when it was founded. Nowadays, it counts 475 seats “only”.

In 2011, the city of Brno wanted to close the cinema due to low attendance. At that moment Masaryk University and Aeropolis Ltd joined forces, rented the space from the city and created a unique European cultural and social space. Morning times at the cinema are booked for university program such as lectures, classes, conferences or screenings. Afternoons and evening times are open to the public. Both programs are interconnected and complement each other to create a functional and completely unique program symbiosis.

Our programming is modern and brisk. Classic film content is complemented to a lesser extent by non-film programs – alternative content or transmissions, lectures, or audiovisual content such as television or streaming programs. 14-day programming cycle allows for a great deal of flexibility and an ability to shape the program according to current needs.

We are very proud of our creative workspace Studio Scala where we organise activities for our young audiences. We teach kids to perceive and create films in our long-term and one-off animation, film, sound or art courses, camps and cycles. Children and teens attend our courses individually or in groups as part of school programmes.

We perceive our cinema to be a metropolitan one. We focus on spectators not only from Brno but also from the wider surrounding area. We feel almost obliged to compile a program which satisfies every age group and every spectator. At the same time, we do not give in regarding our cinema goals aimed at smart and inquisitive audiences.

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Eliška Soukupová in 2021.

Alzbeta Preissova in 2020.