Luxembourg – Ciné Utopia (Luxembourg)

The first movie theatre of what was to become years later the Utopia Group started in 1983 with just one screen. Four more screens and 30 years later, Ciné Utopia is still faithful to its original vocation: promoting art-house and high quality films from all over the world.

We have the ambition to keep our focus on art-house programming whilst following recent developments such as alternative content and event cinema.

We are actively seeking partners in different cultural environments in order to promote special programming: festivals like the British & Irish Film Season, CinEast, or Cinéma du Sud. We also focus on young audiences by offering different initiatives, like the Komm an de Kino an der Paischtvakanz programming, where in 2015 we proposed European and Asian children films for a whole week. We screen our films for children in French, German, English and sometimes Luxembourgish. This year we launched a new program called #OutOfTheBox where we program films from young directors, in which young actors are playing or that treat topics that concerns young people. Ciné Utopia works closely with many schools across the country offering school screenings and workshops. For example it is possible for schools to visit our projection room and get an introduction to 35mm and digital film projection. They can plan a presentation before and a discussion after the film or even meet the team.

During the Luxembourg City Film Festival school classes have the possibility to meet producers, directors and actors or attend different kinds of workshops. We regularly promote and communicate on European films to our schools along with educational material.

Furthermore, once a month we open the theater for our traditional Ciné Breakfast which, consists breakfast meals before watching a carefully selected film. In 2015 we screened 45 films of which 26 were European productions.

Find out who is Ciné Utopia’s Ambassador here:

Jeff Schaul in 2018.

Lukas Grevis in 2017.

Kiyan Agadjani in 2016.