Cinema Ideal has existed since 1904, making it the oldest remaining cinema in Portugal. For over a century […]

Cinema for me is… United Kingdom – Steven Armour from Europa Cinemas on Vimeo. Steven in 25 frames […]

Cinema for me is… Mónika in 25 frames 1. Describe yourself in ten words Stubborn, loyal, patient, hard-working, […]

Riverbanks Arts Centre (Newbridge), member of access>CINEMA In Ireland, while cinema attendances remain high, there are still currently […]

Biografcentralen is a national art house organisation founded in 2011 after a survey made with Swedish arthouse exhibitors […]

Cinema for me is… Lithuania – Vladas Rožėnas from Europa Cinemas on Vimeo. Vladas in 25 frames… 1. […]

The Olympion is located in the centre of Thessaloniki, on Aristotelous Square, one of the largest and most […]

Opened in 2014, G8 Cultural Centre is a private art house cinema and also a venue for special […]

Since its inception in 1968, QFT has occupied a unique place in the cultural and entertainment life of […]

In two different cities and across seven screens, Lumière wants to provide esteemed films for esteemed visitors in […]