Sweden – Biografcentralen

Sweden – Biografcentralen

Biografcentralen is a national art house organisation founded in 2011 after a survey made with Swedish arthouse exhibitors and distributors showed a strong wish for increased coordination and networking. Today we have 28 member cinemas across the country and offer training, networking and distribution with a special focus on children’s films, classics and independent titles.

Set up as a nonprofit organization, we receive funding from the Swedish Film Institute and have also been supported by both public and private funders for special projects. Our aim is to strengthen the independent cinema sector and audience access to high quality films through cooperation, training and exchange of ideas.

We work for and inside the sector, and want to be both innovators and a complement to what is already there. So we work and evolve step by step, based on the needs of the local cinema managers and on best practice from the wider industry.

In December 2017 we launched www.bio.se which is a website with over 160 independent cinemas collected. Bio.se is a project for the benefit of exhibitors, distributors and audiences alike because it makes the access easier for the audiences and cinemas, festivals and film clubs with small resources have now access to a modern website and a ticketing system that they couldn’t afford on their own.


Find out who is Biografcentralen’s Ambassador here:

Elijah Debot in 2018.

Clara Gower in 2016.