Greece – Olympion (Thessaloniki)

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The Olympion is located in the centre of Thessaloniki, on Aristotelous Square, one of the largest and most beautiful city squares in Greece.

The building has functioned from the outset as a venue for film screenings, theatrical productions, musical events and other cultural activities. In 1998, it was renovated and given over to the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. It has since been the Festival’s permanent headquarters. Currently, the building complex includes two film theatres and two cafes.

Our programming decisions are made based on the profile of our audience, the international success of the films and the opinion of professional critics.

Following the global downward trend in audience attendance, Olympion’s arthouse cinemas have suffered from a prolonged and steep drop in viewer numbers, accentuated by Greece’s economic predicament.

Responding to the diversity of our audience, and in order to ensure the sustainability of our cinemas, we are currently revamping our communication, marketing, ticketing and event strategies, to better meet audience demands and interests.

Furthermore, we are paying special attention to partnerships and special events: in addition to our own annual festivals (the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival), throughout the year, Olympion venues host educational programs and major cinema and cultural events dedicated to music, theatre, etc.

Attracting new audiences is the most critical and tough challenge we are facing. Our goal for this year is to forge innovative partnerships with universities and overhaul our marketing strategy, in order to attract a younger audience that will expand current arthouse viewers who are typically over 50 years old.

Enhancing our youth programs is also a priority this year. We plan on combining traditional school screenings with cinema literacy programs and our new film education platform, offering a comprehensive, modern and interactive experience to schoolchildren and teachers.

Panagiotis Forsos, Programmer

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