Austria – Stadtkino (Vienna)

Austria – Stadtkino (Vienna) Austria – Stadtkino (Vienna) Copyright Hendrik Wagner

Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus is one of many large single-screen cinemas in the city of Vienna. The Stadtkino has operated as a cinema and distribution company since 1981 and has always been an important place for cinephiles, filmmakers and film enthusiasts. We manage the venue since 2017. We are constantly working on new ideas and programs, keeping in mind and respecting the cinephile history of the place. The day-to-day film program usually (but not exclusively) consists of films we are distributing. The distribution company is releasing auteur and arthouse films, films by upcoming filmmakers, and many Austrian films.
We set up our special screenings with various partners. Stadtkino literally translates to „city cinema” and we want it to be a cinema for the city and all its communities. We are working on three major topics, that we want to be seen and heard in the cinema, with these series: Widerstandskino, Sisters Lumière, and Future x Days, focussing on political, feminist, and environmental topics. These special programs include special guests, discussions and presentations.
We strongly believe that the best way of building new audiences is to work with communities, offering a possibility to identify with the place. Our marketing focusses a lot on Facebook & Instagram and we started to work with a new graphic design that is more recognizable and playful at the same time. For younger audiences we have two strategies at the moment: a program for smaller kids on weekends, and school screenings on a regular basis. But we would love to focus more on teenagers and are working on new ideas how to increase their interest in cinema.

Wiktoria Pelzer, Programmer & Manager Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus

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