Poland – Kino Nowe Horyzonty (Wroclaw)

Poland – Kino Nowe Horyzonty (Wroclaw) Poland – Kino Nowe Horyzonty (Wroclaw)

New Horizons Cinema has been operating in Wroclaw since August 31, 2012. Wroclaw’s Kino Nowe Horyzonty is a 9 screens cinema, fuelled by the energy initiated at the New Horizons International Film Festival which rules during the summer.

The cinema repertoire includes hits from world’s biggest festivals, reviews of films from around the globe (including the Asian cinema – as part of the Five Flavours Film Festival, Review of the New French Cinema, German Film Week or Cinema Italia Oggi), also LGBT+  Festival or  revues  related  to  current situation, film history courses, screenings for children, seniors or parents with toddlers. If Hollywood – only at its best. In addition, events exploiting collaborations between different types of art – e.g. Avant Art, combining alternative music with film or Miastomovie – Wroclaw’s film festival presenting architecture and urban issues through movies. Also  special  meetings  with  famous  citizens  of Wrocław.

KNH has a mission to be more of a cultural centre, a place where various initiatives, ngo organizations and communities have enough space to coexist and flourish. It is also a space for meetings, a friendly place for individual and team work. Diversity has a crucial impact on building our identity. That is why we are enthusiastic to co-organize social initiatives such as letter-writing campaign with Amnesty International, dog food collection on the occasion of Marona’s Fantastic Tale premiere (directed by Anca Damian) or charity book fairs with Children’s Hospice in Wrocław Foundation. In addition, together with Katarynka Foundation, we organized regular film screenings with audio description and subtitles for people with hearing loss.

Among various social events, we also have a special programme for our youngest viewers. We’ve developed an original education program, which contains screenings for schools with lecture beforehand and workshops after screenings. We are also hosting the Young Audience Awards, The Kids Film Festival and Jazz Morning Kids – special screening for children with live music during Jazztopad Festival. We treat the cinema’s building as a one big playground for children organizing hide and seek or paper chase games.

We are also very welcome to host in our foyer art exhibitions, unplugged concerts, fairs of home craftsmen and every other activity that has its audience in our city. We  keep our door wide open.


Find out more about Kino Nowe Horyzonty’ Ambassadors here:

Anna Sołowiej in 2021

Hanna Drzazga in 2018