Germany – Gloria / Gloriette / Kamera (Heidelberg)

Germany - Gloria / Gloriette / Kamera (Heidelberg) Germany - Gloria / Gloriette / Kamera (Heidelberg)

The GLORIA movie theaters include GLORIA & GLORIETTE cinemas in the heart of Heidelberg’s Old Town and KAMERA, located in the district of Neuenheim. The GLORIA cinema, which has existed since 1912, was expanded in 1982 under the aegis of Inge Mauerer-Klesel. The CAMERA, which has been existing since the 1940s, has been completing the GLORIA Filmtheaterbetriebe since 2001. Both are characterized as cinemas committed with European and German films and films by international independent directors.

Our program and marketing strategy strengthens our claim to contribute to the cultural life of our city. One of the things we do is that we accompany social concerns with special film series and discussions around films.

Our effort to attract a larger audiences is marked by
– Concrete target group work,
– Cooperation with partners and experts to accompany film screenings,
– Networking with urban institutions and their target groups,
– Invitation to directors / actors and other filmmakers,
– Design of film series with an alternative program that support the film programme,
– Maintaining our regular audience through first-class service,
– Use of social media.

Finally, when addressing young moviegoers, we set the motto “Come on, we go to the cinema!” The movie experience is much deeper and more beautiful together in the cinema than on the small screen at home! We lure children with our special children’s cinema and with a special price. We also bring students away from their desk to our cinema with films in original version, we focus on film education with the offer of school screenings and special, Q&As.

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