Czech Republic – Svetozor (Prague)

Opened in 2004 and renovated in 2007, Světozor is now an art-house cinema functioning on the site of a cinema dating from 1918. Světovor has a large screening hall with 365 seats, a small screening hall with 52 seats, a bar and a café. The cinema runs not only art films, but also documentaries, minor and experimental genres such as animation, video art, net art, commercials, video-clips, and short films.

The biggest challenge of our cinema has remained the same for many years now – to keep communicating with our audience so that we succeed in our effort to build a community of spectators that is interested in quality art films, an audience which will keep returning to our cinema and will give us feedback on our work and their interests. And, of course, presenting great movies on the big screen and introducing art films to audiences will always be a challenge.

Světozor supports various activities aimed at young audiences – film workshops where children can create their own films, film poster workshops which help them understand the role of the film poster in a campaign and the specifics of this art form, a very popular summer film camp called Aertěk, organised visits for schools, etc.

Petr Jirásek, director of Kino Světozor

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Beata Mrazíková in 2019
Daniela Kadleckova in 2017