Slovenia – Mestni Kino (Ptuj)

Kino brez stropa 01Mestni kino Ptuj is a historical venue where the first film screening took place almost 120 years ago. Even though the cinema is now equipped with a state-of-the-art digital projector, which allows us to screen a diverse, interesting and contemporary cinematic programme, we strive to preserve the building’s romantic retro flair.

Our programme caters to an audience of all ages. Toddlers attend their first screenings with their parents, who attend our “Cinema with Babies” programme aimed at new parents. Kids love our Little Cinema Garden, which brings them a creative and playful workshop after the screenings of selected children’s film, while older kids will appreciate our newly launched Kinoskop workshops aiming to take a deeper look into the world of cinema. People of all ages enjoy our regular screenings, the annual open air “Cinema without a Ceiling” at the beautiful Ptuj castle, and particularly the screenings of carefully selected films accompanied by engaging lectures, debates, concerts, presentations and other events. In addition to our regular programme, we host festivals and we organize school screenings, cinema visits, among other events.

Mestni kino Ptuj, a member of Europa Cinemas as well as our national Art Cinema Association, is managed by CID Ptuj, a youth centre, which is why we take special care of our young audience. We are a very small team, which has its obvious drawbacks, but we are committed and passionate about providing our audience with a comfortably sophisticated space for enjoying films, having good conversations, and other activities that enrich one’s daily life.

Mateja Lapuh

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