Latvia – Splendid Palace (Riga)

Cinema Splendid Place is located in the historical center of Riga, it is a unique national architectural monument founded in 1923. Historically, it is the first building in Riga and the Baltic States specially built to host a cinema. After its restoration in 2010, cinema has renewed its visual gloss and acquired advanced technical solutions. Excellent acoustic qualities of its halls make Splendid Palace attractive for different multimedia projects, concerts and live screenings of opera.

The programme consists of quality author cinema and art-house films from Europe and other regions that have gained attention at international film festivals. The cinema also promotes accessibility and popularity of Latvian national cinema both at national and international level.

Cinema makes segmented content offers for different audience groups in recent years, paying particular attention to attracting new audiences, working with different age groups: from specific screenings for seniors, to attractive weekends for children and cinema lectures for students. For the last two years, Splendid Palace’s distinct pride is a new project for school pupils about different film genres. We involve in this project the leading Latvian film experts and young cinema enthusiasts, who are willing to communicate and talk about their passion for cinema with people of their own age. The main key to success is exactly the opportunity to combine “old” and “new”, allowing to getting know new conceptions.

To communicate with a new audience, we are working with Splendid Palace “messengers” in universities who disseminate our communication material. One of the greatest communication tools is social networks with which we are actively working to attract different audiences.

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Vanesa for 2017.

Patricija for 2016.