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The Méliès is located in the heart of downtown Montreuil, a suburb of Paris. Expanded in 2015, it now boasts 6 screens, a restaurant, and an integrated library. With its 1,105 seats and 3,230 square meters, Le Méliès is the largest public Art House cinema in Europe!


Open to everyone, including those with reduced mobility, Le Méliès offers an exciting and accessible program for families. It showcases Art House films, children’s programs, and even classic film screenings, catering to all moviegoers, from the youngest cinephiles to the most avid enthusiasts! And all of this comes with the utmost comfort, featuring ultra-comfortable seats, LED lighting, and state-of-the-art sound systems.


Le Méliès regularly hosts premieres and film team encounters, providing numerous opportunities for engaging with filmmakers. The cinema also organizes events and festivals, such as the “Aux Frontières Du Méliès” (Beyond Méliès) genre film series, which showcases two films each month followed by discussions, and “La Nuit du Méliès” (the Méliès Night), a spectacular event featuring screenings, animations, and concerts, held every summer.


To conclude, education in visual arts is a top priority for Le Méliès. In fact, one-third of its admissions come from young people aged 3 to 20, who attend school screenings or participate in out-of-school sessions accompanied by educational activities. The youth also play a significant role in the Montreuil Film Festival, held annually in September, where several individuals under 30 become jury members.

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France – Axelle Jean
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