Lithuania – Kino Pasaka (Vilnius)

LT - Kino Pasaka Lithuania - Kino Pasaka (Vilnius)

12 years after it was founded, boutique cinema Pasaka in Vilnius has managed to find its loyal audience and inspire Lithuanians to watch more European films.

Our cinema, first of all, is the house of good films, we like to say that “it is selected by hand and heart”, because we want to ensure high-quality content for our guests. It is also important for us to host other cinema-related or cinema-inspired activities.

Openness, creativity, sincerity and trust are the key elements that make our programming and marketing strategies innovative. We try to educate our viewers and provide them with something innovative.

Our cinema in the old town of Vilnius is like home. The building, the interior and the simple approach create a special, home-like atmosphere that audiences appreciate. Since more and more people are watching films online, cinema is becoming a luxury and somewhat extraordinary. Therefore, we try to give our viewers the special feeling with a homely touch. This cinema where we grew up is no longer the only one. Our cinema grew during the years and grew into a second cinema theatre, which we opened in 2020 in the modern district of Paupys.

The variety of programming provides an opportunity to have a broad offering: from classics to recent releases. Another strong point is the team working in the cinema – all cinema enthusiasts, professionals in their field, connected not only by work-bonds, but also long-lasting relationships.

Pasaka always tries to respond to audiences’ needs as it is a condition for our survival. We do not like to consider ourselves as omniscient professionals owning full decisional power over our programming.

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Find out more about Saulė Savanevičiūtė, Kino Pasaka Ambassador here.