Belgium – Cinéma Palace (Brussels)

BE - Cinema Palace Belgium - Cinema Palace (Brussels)

Palace is an art house cinema located in the heart of Brussels.

With its four projection rooms (373, 139, 60 and 84 seats respectively), Palace is committed to meet the expectations of the public by offering a unique experience thanks to its high-end technical equipment.

The Palace’s programme focuses on quality and diversity. Its priority is to promote the cinematogrphic art and creation of all sorts, showing films that bring people together as well as divide them. Its aim is to stimulate debate, curiosity and reflection.
The programme is regularly adapted to the news and to the events hosted and programmed within it (festivals, collaborations, exhibitions, summer programme, etc.).

Palace presents numerous film premieres, meetings with directors, actors and other film professionals. But also monthly events such as: BE CURIOUS focusing on Belgian documentaries ; CLUB 35, a great classic (often on 35mm print) introduced by a film celebrity ; MASTERCLASS that highlights the technical professions of the cinema, and finally FAMILY TIME or a selection of films to be discovered with the whole family. Students benefit from a lower rate to assist the Masterclasses.

Palace plays also an educational role. It offers screenings for schools, associations and neighbourhood centres in Brussels, as well as activities and workshops.

Finally, he Palace has recently been equipped to host large-scale exhibitions, such as the Louis de Funès Exhibition which took place from 2 October 2021 to 16 January 2022. Considering the positive results (21,600 visitors in less than four months!), the Palace is now considered to be an exhibition venue offering similar large-scale projects gravitating around cinema in the near future.

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