Italy – Cinema Beltrade (Milan)

Italy - Cinema Beltrade Italy - Cinema Beltrade

Located in a popular and multicultural area in Milan, Cinema Beltrade is a monoscreen theatre opened by the local Parish around 1940. At the end of 2012 it was at risk of closure: Barz and Hippo started then to be involved and finally took over the management, soon deciding to offer a wider spectrum of films, with special attention to independent productions, documentaries and young authors.

Our main goal is quite simple: we want to give people the best atmosphere and conditions to watch a wide variety of films: excellent audio-video quality, no light on before the end of titles, automated red curtain opening and closing, friendly welcome from all of our staff, always ready to give advise and suggestions, and the possibility to talk together about movies.

The cinema is open 7 days a week, screening 5 to 7 films everyday in original version. People particularly love the opportunity to have meetings with the authors, in person or via skype, and our day-night long cinema-marathons.

Entrances had a big increase during the years before the pandemic and the impact on the district was well discernible. Many collaborations have been established, with venues, schools, professionals and active groups of citizens, trying to include disadvantaged cathegories.
This strong connection with the territory helped us to resist and be active during the closure days, and we could meet again our audience in a phantastic dawn, on the first day possible.

We are also a bit ‘old-fashioned’: we don’t like authomatic reservation and payment and refuse to install air-conditioning. This is also part of our attention to ecology, that we express through a regular collaboration with environmental associations.

Finally, we give a great value to plurality and independence in the cinema chain.

Monica Naldi, Director

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