Slovenia – Mestni kino Domzale (Domzale)

Slovenia – Mestni kino Domzale

Mestni kino Domžale – which can be roughly translated as Domžale Municipal Cinema – has only turned ten last October, but occupies a historical building that has a rich history of film exhibition.

We decided to open a cinema after the local community had been without one for more than a decade, so it was a very slow start, but with an early decision to stick to curated content, quality films and lots of events. We are now an important local venue and the second largest independent film theatre in the country.

We try to cater to a variety of audiences, where the “grey gold” film lovers are very important for us, but about a third of our visitors are also young audiences. We run our own film education program, where we try to give schools access to quality films and activities, thereby encouraging a positive attitude towards film and film culture – but also making it fun.

In the summer we host a number of open air cinemas throughout the region – though 2020 has made it very difficult to get larger events up and running. The summer screenings are very important for us, as they attract a younger audience and filmgoers that have never before been to our cinema, so they are in a way a very important audience development tool.

In the end it all comes down to good films, staff with a positive attitude (and a smile) and a venue that everyone recognises as their own.

Nejc Feguš is Kino Domzale Ambassador. Find out more about him here.