Hungary – Budapest Film (Budapest)

Hungary – Budapest Film (Budapest)

Budapest Film Zrt. is the largest art house cinema network in Hungary, operating 5 leading art house cinemas, Művész, Toldi, Puskin, Tabán and Kino Café, all of them has different identity:

  • Művész (meaning ‘Artist’) Cinema was built in 1910. The leading and archetypical art house cinema of Budapest and Hungary has 5 digitized screens of different size and can accommodate 500 guests. Művész, is also a meeting place and a hub of cultural life in Budapest and also home to several international film festivals, film weeks, special screenings and premieres, too.
  • Puskin Cinema, the classic movie theatre of the city has been screening motion pictures since 1926. Since this cinema has managed to preserve the original and characteristic architectural and interior features, it is no surprise that many international cultural institutes and partners prefer this venue for film weeks and festivals. Puskin Cinema is also active in introducing alternative contents, projected classic concert and opera performances, as well as programs offered for the youngest audiences.
  • Toldi Cinema first opened in 1932. This 2-screened modern art house cinema is home to an incredibly high number of popular events and festivals which attract lots of young visitors. The cinema, which has a screening capacity for 260 guests at a time.
  • Kino Café was founded in 1911. Besides following a screening schedule, both halls of this friendly 2-screener cinema serve a basis for programs such as film clubs, school screenings, film festivals and events.
  • Tabán Cinema was built in 1910. The cinema’s profile was redefined by Budapest Film to a modern, open, minimally designed, welcoming place with a quality art house programming and a bar offering hand-made, healthy foods and drinks.

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