Bologna, Day 5: Parting with ideas

Wednesday 27th June 2018

The brainstorming odyssey of the 35 has come to an end. The participants spent the last morning enjoying one more occasion to share in groups, in the park, behind the Cineteca before reporting to the leaders and the Europa Cinemas team in the Salva Cervi.

The leaders Madeleine Probst, Daniel Sibbers, Hrvoje Laurenta as well as the Europa Cinemas and Cineteca Teams were warmly thanked by the participants clearly enthusiastic of the experience and moved by the careful benevolence around their workshop: an ideal and reassuring context to move towards new ideas and innovations.

What they will bring back to their cinema is the notion that putting the human at the core of their projects is crucial. These different leads should help:

  • taking great care of the relation withing their team and envisioning staff development (learning from box-office colleagues and relations with customers, having regular weekly meetings)
  • becoming more inclusive and accessible for the cinema goers (dementia friendly screenings, measures for hard of hearing viewers were brought up over the past days)
  • investigating about data collection tools (like Movio) to create a new kind of cinephile recommendation and being open to the audience suggestions
  • feeling free, creative and resorting to humour when using social media,
  • focusing more and more on children film and education programmes
  • thinking of a sexy package for their cinema brand (collaborating with the local artists).

Most of all, one should find tools and approaches she/he is comfortable with, setting reasonable goals, be patient, ambitious and positive but also full of self-sympathy .



A beautiful journey which has only begun…

We hope you keep in touch!