Sweden – Folkets Hus och Parker

Sweden - Folkets Hus och Parker Sweden - Folkets Hus och Parker

Folkets Hus och Parker is the largest cinema exhibitor in Sweden if you count number of venues, but far from the largest in terms of admissions and box office. With over 600 cinemas and 35,000 chairs all over Sweden, our goal is not primarily to make a huge profit from exhibition, but to keep cinemas up and running and to maintain the culture of watching European art-house cinema. we have a market share of 5,6% of the Swedish exhibition sector.

Folkets Hus och Parker were digital pioneers in Europe, with digitization going back more than 15 years, to 2002. We have been members of the Europa Cinema network since 2007, starting with the acquisition of Kvartersbion in Stockholm, now refurbished and run under its original name Bio Rio. Today, we have four art-house cinemas in the network. Spegeln in Malmö, ROY in Gothenburg, Röda Kvarn in Helsingborg and the before mentioned RIO in Stockholm.

Apart from that, Folkets Hus och Parker also runs a mini network of 11 rural art-house cinemas that are also members of the Europa Cinemas network. These cinemas are all non-profit and are run under the Label “BIO KONTRAST”. The name refers to the fact that its purpose and goal is to bring high quality art-house cinema from Europe and the rest of the world to small cinemas in rural Sweden.


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