Finland – Kino Kuvakukko (Kuopio)

Kino Kuvakukko, located in Kuopio, Eastern Finland, is a one screen cinema with 330 seats. Kuvakukko was founded in 1939 and is proud to be one of the oldest cinemas still operating in Finland.

Over the years, the theater has found its way into the hearts of the locals as it has attracted audiences from different generations to experience the emotions one can only experience in older movie theatres such as Kuvakukko.

The equipment in Kino Kuvakukko was digitized in 2011, which meant a new rise for the theatre. Now premieres are shown only shortly after their release and twice as many movies are played than in the days of analog film. The number of screenings increased, and so did the number of visitors. The cinema has about 30,000 visitors each year and 4-5 screenings every day.

About three-quarters of the films are European, the rest being mostly domestic or American.
Being a cinema owned by the city, the main principles guiding the operations of Kino Kuvakukko from the very beginning have been showing non-commercial films, arranging film festivals and school screenings as well as film education for young audiences. Collaboration with other culture oriented parties of the city is constant, easy and very beneficial. Screenings for school children of all class levels are organized throughout the year and a film club for them runs with big success. In 2015 about 6,500 viewers from schools and preschools visited Kino Kuvakukko.

Senior film club Silvery Star Film Club was created in 2008 and has been a huge success ever since. By number of tickets sold, it is the most popular senior film club in Finland. Due to the success of the film club, an annual festival Silvery Star Senior Film Festival started in 2011 and in turn increased the number and the versatility of screenings for active film club goers.

During the summer, there are seminars, music concerts and comedy clubs held in Kuvakukko.

Paul Staufenbiel, Director

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