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Gdynia Film Centre has been operating since 2015. The creation of this place was the result of the consistent implementation of the development strategy and promotion of the city of Gdynia in Poland by associating it with film culture.

The city of Gdynia hosts the largest festival of national cinematography in Poland: the Polish Film Festival with 47 years of tradition. He is also involved in film education. Gdynia Film School has been operating since 2010, and its students and graduates’ films have won dozens of awards at international festivals.

In the center of Gdynia, in a modern building, in an attractive location, a few hundred meters from the downtown beach, a three-screen arthouse cinema was created, connected with an art gallery, bookshop, restaurant and cafe.

Viewers of Gdynia Film Center praise its interesting programming, friendly atmosphere and the culture of communing with film art, which is alternative to mass entertainment. It can be summed up in the shortest possible time with the slogan: “cinema without advertisements and popcorn”. Our repertoire is based primarily on polish cinematography and other European cinematography. An important program position is non-fiction cinema.

We believe that it is worth educating your own audience from an early age – introducing children to conversations about film, offering them practical classes related to this subject and stimulating their willingness to spend time in the cinema. That is why, from the very beginning, Gdynia Film Center has in its program offers addressed to children and adolescents. Our actions shows the implementation of innovative ideas of combining film with cultural added value.

Fairy Tale in the Center is a series of film mornings for preschoolers and the youngest primary school students. On the cinema screen, we present them the classics of polish animation for children and valuable contemporary productions. After the films, we invite them to play with education, for example by organizing dubbing workshops, stop-motion animation or music classes.

The sensory-friendly cinema is an offer for children with an autism spectrum. Once a month, we organize a movie screening from the current repertoire, adjusting the conditions of the screening to the needs of people who do not like too much noise, have difficulty sitting still for a long time or are visually sensitive.

Twice, in winter and summer, we invited children for a week-long summer camp under the slogan KINOferie / KINOwakacje. Every morning, the whole group participate in a full-scale film screening. The program includes the latest adventure films for children, carefully selected animations, documentaries and nature films. The rest of the day is filled with creative classes – film, photography and acting workshops, dubbing and instant animation classes – conducted by excellent practitioners. There are also games, art games and outdoor relaxation under the watchful eye of experienced caregivers.

After the pandemic, we started implementing further activities aimed at seniors. At the same time, we expanded our offer to include outdoor activities, film screenings combined with cultural activities Summer on the Patio.

The characteristic red patio next to the building of Gdynia Film Center became the stage for a long list of activities addressed to the inhabitants and tourists visiting Gdynia. The repertoire of attractions is dominated by film. But not only. Screenings of feature and documentary films, mornings with a fairy tale for children, creative workshops, exercise classes, family and seniors walks, karaoke – these are just some of the long list of events planned for every summer.

More info : https://gcf.org.pl/

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