Germany – Harmonie Arthouse Kino (Frankfurt)

Germany - Harmonie (Frankfurt) Germany - Harmonie (Frankfurt)

Located in the heart of Europe’s bank metropolis Frankfurt, one will find three movie theatres that celebrate the diversity of their audience and the broad spectrum of arthouse cinema. The Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt present themselves somewhere between French aesthetics and urban pop-culture.

Whilst Cinéma opens its three curtains for contemporary arthouse films, the two screen-house Harmonie surprises its guests with extraordinary film events and series that overcome the boundaries of a traditional movie theater. Despite the challenging Covid-pandemic, the duo just recently transformed to a trio, integrating Frankfurt’s oldest motion-picture theatre El Dorado to delight and thrill cinephiles further on. Showing big pictures since 1912, El Dorado’s curtains were about to finally fall. Yet, becoming the third member of the Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt, the lights may be dimmed but won’t expire.

The Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt aim for social inclusion in selecting movies for its diverse audience. Important and relevant topics, e.g feminism, sexual liberation, LGBTQI, racism and xenophobia find their own event series in the cinema program to raise awareness and regularly provide a place for an open discussion.

Schamlos Harmlos is a monthly series in which progressive films and contemporary artists confront their audience aside the heteronormative structures of society. International independent films, documentaries and various artists are being invited and encouraged to widen the spectrum of “art” in arthouse (including performances, podcasts, workshops and film discussions).

Twice a month the Harmonie transforms to its antonym…The event series (Dis) Harmonie is all about fantastical, strange, tremendous, surreal and adventurous film – steadily looking for the unconventional. These screenings are being accompanied by introductions, live-acts, raffles and other surprises and have literally formed a disharmonious community throughout the years.

Le Cinéma can look back (and ahead!) on multiple cooperations and events with the Société Franco-allemande de Francfort sur le Main, the Jewish Community Frankfurt and is one of the central venues for several film festivals.

To inform cineastes as well as casual visitors, the Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt have just recently published their 50th issue of their own monthly magazine. The close to 30 pages print edition gives details on events, features and contains personally written film tips by the AKF-Crew.

Christopher Bausch

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