Germany – Yorck Kinogruppe (Berlin)

Germany - Yorck Kino (Berlin)

With 14 venues in Berlin and local partners in Munich, Hamburg and Dresden, Yorck Kinogruppe is Germany’s largest network of independent cinemas. True to our mission statement “Im richtigen Kino bist Du nie im falschen Film”, we strive to bring the best films to some of the most beautiful cinemas in Berlin while providing an excellent experience to our guests.

Throughout the network, we host special events and festivals such as the Berlinale, the French, Russian and Jewish film weeks and even a Porn Film Festival. Our periodic series include queer films, horror movies, classics, sneak previews, Spanish language films and films focusing on sustainability. Our Cinema for Schools program has hosted a million students since the 1980s. Our ODEON was Berlin’s first public cinema for non‐dubbed movies. Today, original language versions make up 40% of our admissions.

Yorck Kinogruppe is one of the pioneers in digital marketing among German cinemas, both with an innovative social media strategy focused on growing Millenial and Gen Z audience admissions and as an early adopter of the loyalty software Movio.

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