Bologna, Day 5 – End clap


The last day of lab is devoted to reflections on the key learnings of those pas few days. Small group discussion and individual introspection led to identifying what actions the participants plan to take back to their venue; what would the obstacles be to implement them and what would the potential solutions be. Apparently, the interventions of the Gen Zers made a huge impact as many lab-ers mentioned they will, from now on, chat directly with the young people in their city. Sharing the realizations of the lab will probably take time, but as the session on team inclusion showed, there are many ways to better connect with your colleagues.

In any case, all participants were delighted to have attended and they learnt beyond their expectations, which is nice of course.

Here are the careful notes of Madeleine Probst, the benevolent captain of it all :


See you all very soon !

Charlotte Wensierski reporting