Day 1: Conclusions and Awards

Wrapping up Day 1 was a new session, the idea for which was borrowed from our friends across the ponds at Art House Convergence. Hosted by Maddy Probst (Programme Producer, Watershed, UK), ’20 Slides’ Arthouse Tales’ was a quick fire session that let speakers including Rachel Hayward from HOME, Manchester and Daira Abolina of Splendid Palace in Latvia highlight engaging activity and recent growth in their venues.

Maddy Probst (Producer, Watershed, UK)

If telling stories is at the heart of cinema, then cinemas should tell their stories, too. Later, at Cinema Pro in Bucharest, this year’s award winners took the stage.

EuropaCinemasXS-11.24-web-IMG_4613.jpgCongratulations go to:

Cinema Elvire Popesco (Bucharest, Romania) for BEST PROGRAMMING


Agrafka & Kika (Krakow, Poland) for BEST YOUNG AUDIENCE ACTIVITIES


Lionello Cerri, Anteo (Milan, Italy) for ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR


The awards were followed by a screening of Samuel Maoz’s German-Polish-French-Israeli co-production, Foxtrot.

Photographs courtesy of Ionut Dobre.