Slovak Republic – ArtKino Metro (Trenčín)

Entrée metro

Built in between two world wars, in 1938, cinema theatre ArtKino Metro belongs to the most traditional cultural venues in the city of Trenčín. Our goal is to bring the cinema through the challenges of 21st century film distribution by restoring the charm and sense of community the cultural events used to bring in past. We struggle to show the youngsters that watching a movie on their laptop is different than watching it at the cinema in DCP quality, where you can discuss it with your friends and learn what is behind it. Organization of workshops, discussions with filmmakers, and local festivals lie therefore at the core of our effort. All age groups can find their section in our programming.

Besides ordinary screenings of European movies, we also organize screening for mothers and fathers on parental leave – who can come to watch the movies with their toddlers-, filmmaking workshops for school kids and afternoon screenings for seniors. Moreover, we believe that when the young audiences are at a certain stage of development, it is not sufficient to organize the activities for them. They are the ones who need to take an initiative and learn how to build a community. We are therefore very proud that they put their free time and effort into the organization of Students’ film nights. These evening sessions serve a double purpose. First, they give the students of the local art high schools the opportunity to screen their movies, and they are a place of encounters, where the students have the chance to discuss the film art with successful alumni of national art colleges, who share with them the experience of the beauty and difficulties of filmmakers’ world.

Hana Kutlikova

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