Malta – Spazju Kreattiv Cinema (Valletta)

IMG_5928In September 2000, the Malta Millennium Project saw the inauguration of a transformed and re-imagined sixteenth-century defensive structure into a space which welcomes the contemporary creative energy of both local and foreign talents. The timeless shell of St James Cavalier was thus re-interpreted into a space focused on promoting cultural dialogue, innovation and creative expression – a far cry from the militant stronghold it was meant to be.

Several other spaces opened up in order to respond to the diverse nature of activities, events and initiatives forming part of the Spazju Kreattiv programme. Among these spaces there is a unique arthouse cinema – the only of its kind in the country – dedicated to hosting a specialised programme which targets intimate audiences for which this space was essentially designed.

The cinema has filled a searing lacuna in the local cultural sphere. With only 105 seats it provides film enthusiasts with the opportunity to watch arthouse, international and independently produced feature and short films, as well as old classics and more recent productions. These also include live performance broadcasts from major theatres all over the globe, and which are furthermore screened in conjunction to filmed interviews and exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes footage.’ The cinema also houses a number of film festivals, cinema forums as well as seminars, lectures and training sessions in both arts and sciences.

Spazju Kreattiv, Customer Experience Team

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Susannah Farrugia in 2017. 

Sara Chircop in 2016.